Diagnosis Free Counseling

Have you been thinking about going to counseling, but the thought of being with a diagnosis is stopping you? Did you know that the insurance company requires a diagnosis of “medical necessity,” before they will cover any counseling costs? On top of that, that diagnosis may become part of your medical record, and be accessed by other medical providers. Do you have a high deductible that has to be met before your insurance will even pay for counseling sessions? In some cases, this means that you could actually save money, by paying out of pocket for your sessions, vs. using your insurance! If these are concerns for you, you may want to consider Diagnosis Free Counseling. Some of the advantages of Diagnosis Free counseling are:

  • Choice-Sometimes, clients who wish to stay in network aren’t always able to find a provider who makes them comfortable, or who has the expertise in dealing with the types of issues that the client wishes to address. With Diagnosis Free counseling, you are able to choose a Therapist that is the best “fit” for you!
  • Focus on the client- Diagnosis Free counseling allows me to focus on your health, wellness, and strengths, rather than just what’s “wrong.” As mentioned earlier, insurance companies require a diagnosis, before they will cover any cost of sessions.
  • Flexibility- Insurance puts restrictions on us, as the providers, along with you as the client. The insurance company is able to dictate when they will stop covering the cost of sessions, at any time. With Diagnosis Free Counseling, you decide for how long, and how often you attend. This gives you more autonomy to decide what is best for you, rather than having the insurance company decide what is best for you.

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