It’s 7:30am on a Monday morning and you have already hit the snooze button 5x. It is time to pull yourself up, drag yourself out of bed and get ready to face the day, AGAIN! Knowing that you are going to have to put that “Everything is great” face on, and pretend to the world and the people in your life that you are “okay.” Except today, you just cannot do it. It feels like it would just take too much energy. Energy that you just don’t have at this moment.  So you fall right back into the bed, and bury your head under the covers and begin to shut out the world.

Does this sound like something you struggle with on a daily basis? I totally get it. It feels like you just cannot get out of that sunken hole. You know the one! That place where you constantly feel sadness, empty, hopeless, or down in the dumps. Yes, that sunken hole!  What if I told you, IT IS POSSIBLE to get out of that sunken hole, where things feel more manageable, and you look forward to the start of a new day? I will help you find ways to push yourself out of that hole, and back to the life that you feel is worth living!